MSQ offers a new and modern fleet of motorcycles. We provide a range of motorcycles from 200cc to 650cc for you to use on the course. You will need to provide the required gear.

This will allow you learn to ride on a motorcycle that fits your physical and learning needs. Our safe, fun and professional teaching environment is designed to allow you to maximize skill development using modern adult learning principles and practices and keeping class size small.

You will be riding a motorcycle before lunch of the first day and from then on we continue to build upon what you have learned. The entire MSQ program is based on a building block format. Once you learn one skill, another new skill naturally develops.

After two days you will be prepared to test and receive your motorcycle driver's license. Our process is designed to have you succeed, leaving with a confidence in your ability to handle a motorcycle from slower speed skills to emergency motorcycle competencies as well.

Don't forget to read the New Rules for New Motorcycle Drivers in New Brunswick - effective April 1, 2015.

There are currently three programs offered by MSQ.

21 Hour Rider Training

The '21 Hour Rider Training' program is for the new or inexperienced rider who wants to learn to ride safely and responsibly. Emphasis is on slow speed riding skills, introduction to high speed riding skills, counter steering, emergency skills and ultimately your motorcycle license. Class sizes are a maximum of five or six students per course and are offered two to three times a week depending on the demand.

A 21 hour course can be on Saturday and Sunday or on Monday and Tuesday with either class having Wednesday evening as final test session.

- Focus is on achieving a motorcycle license in 21 hours
- Emphasis on safety and building confidence

Cost: $515 (taxes included)

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Second Step

For Licensed Riders, the 'Second Step' program is a three hour practical seminar focusing on your needs. It is a refresher program for those licensed riders who have not ridden in awhile and reviews both slow and high speed skill enhancement. Riders use their own bikes for this program and are required to show license and proof of insurance before participating..

- Three hour session
- Optional braking techniques
- Push steering alternatives
- Group riding skills


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Advanced Riders Program

The 'Advanced Riders Program' teaches progressive and advanced techniques for licensed riders on their own motorcycles. This program includes motorcycle inspection and passenger riding. Riders are required to show license and proof of insurance before participating.

- A 3 Hour session of instruction on your motorcycle
- Motorcycle inspection
- Advanced / progressive techniques for experienced riders only
- Passenger riding

Cost: $160 (taxes included)

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Scooter Safety

The primary objective of the 'Scooter Safety' program is to teach the safe operation of a scooter. The focus is on proper gear, balancing, slow­speed skills, braking, stopping, emergency procedures with emphasis on traffic situations.

- One full day of instruction

$215 (taxes included)

$285 (taxes included) using MSQ scooters

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